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  • Director

    Byung Sung-Hyun

  • Starring

    Sul Kyung-gu, Yim Si-wan, Lee Kyoung-Young, Jeon Hye-jin

  • Run Time

    120 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin

    South Korea

  • Certificate


  • Format


The Merciless


Opening with a conversation about food followed by sudden, murderous violence, and fracturing its chronology into separate timelines, this latest feature from Byun Sung-hyun owes a certain debt to Quentin Tarantino, but is also a moody neo-noir - all existential musings, rain-swept treachery and savagery just out of shot.

Whether inside prison or out, ruthless gangster Jae-ho (Sul Kyung-gu) and his new young protégé Hyun-su (Yim Si-wan) struggle to trust each other in a world of endless double-dealing and betrayal. "The events that unfold in your life usually come from behind," Jae-ho tells Hyun-su, "never from the front." These words certainly capture something of this character's constant guardedness - but they also slyly help convey the homoerotic subtext of a film that ends up being as much tragic love story as twisty thriller.

The screening will be introduced by Dr. Xuelei Huang (University of Edinburgh).

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