Rod White introduces the February 2016 brochure

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Wed 27 Jan 2016

Rod White introduces the February 2016 brochure

And [I hope] the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film goes to...

The start of the year can only mean one thing: Awards Season! At this point in time the Golden Globes have been awarded and the Academy Awards® and our own BAFTAs have announced their nominations with the ceremonies still to take place. The Golden Globes bestowed an impressive number of awards on a film we have on currently, The Revenant, but a few days ago the Critic's Choice Awards largely ignored it in favour of, principally, Spotlight (screening here in February) and Mad Max: Fury Road, so the field may yet be more open than we might have once imagined... As yet, there seems to be complete agreement on (the no longer quite so) young Leonardo for Best Actor, perhaps not so much for his chewing of scenery as his allowing himself to be chewed.

I usually snidely refer to Awards Season as an exercise in self-congratulatory, irresistible, subjective, massively-lobbied, hugely enjoyable, backslapping nonsense, though I find myself this year with a film in there I really do care whether wins the Best Foreign Language Film or not. It's the film I spent a large part of last year trying to convince you you should see (it's called Theeb, it's brilliant, and 670 of you have seen it here!). The filmmaker, Naji Abu Nowar, was here back in August and partook in perhaps the best and most interesting Q&A session I've yet had hosted at Filmhouse. Privately he told me of the travails involved in submitting his film for the big awards, and at that point had no idea where the large sum of money needed to make enough DVDs of the film for Academy members' perusal was going to come from. We've kept in touch, and he tells me he scraped the money together predominantly through friends and family and that the recent Academy Award nomination is now a cause for national celebration in the film's native Jordan. So, fingers crossed 'til February the 28th! There is some very stiff competition mind you...

Trumbo, starring an Oscar-nominated Bryan Cranston in the title role, tells the story, in supremely entertaining style, of legendary Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, blacklisted in the late '40s as one of the Hollywood Ten Communist 'sympathisers'. (There's a very short season to coincide with the release of the film too.) From Iceland comes Rams, the multi-award-winning, tragicomic, gálgahúmor (as they call gallows humour in Iceland) drama wherein two farming brothers (also neighbours) who haven't spoken to each other in 40 years may have to come together to save their prized flocks now threatened by disease. A couple of other Oscar hopefuls get an airing too, the aforementioned Spotlight and the perhaps rather unexpectedly excellent The Big Short; and Janis: Little Girl Blue is Amy Berg's excellent doc on the life, via her letters, of music icon Janis Joplin. We're also paying tribute, in the only way we know how, to the legend that was David Bowie, by playing some of his best known film incarnations: his seminal The Man Who Fell to Earth (who but Bowie? – many thanks to Studiocanal for allowing this screening), Labyrinth and Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

And lastly, and assuredly not leastly, we're completely delighted to be only the second cinema in the UK to be able to bring you the Ultra Panavision 70mm 'Roadshow' version, complete with overture and intermission, of Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, for a limited engagement. The squeamish aside, you will not want to miss this!

Rod White, Head of Filmhouse

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