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Andrew Haigh
Country of origin and year
UK 2011
97 minutes
Rated 18 - Contains strong sex, sex references and hard drug use
Cast: Tom Cullen, Chris New.

Writer-director Andrew Haigh’s account of an intense Friday-to-Sunday affair is a moving and intelligent romance. After a casual Friday night dinner with his straight friends, the semi-closeted Russell sets off for a gay club. Feeling that his life needs to be kick-started, he hooks up with Glen, a feisty, artsy type. The intended one night stand develops into something more when, the next morning, Glen asks Russell to tape his feelings about the encounter, and the two continue on through the weekend, hanging out in bars, having sex, taking drugs and telling endless stories as they get to know each other better. But the end is already in sight, since Glen is about to leave for America.

Superficially, the film is anything but a romance, rather a contemporary love story constructed on the pragmatic mores of urban gay life. Yet Haigh slyly slips in hints that, even in its truncated existence, the relationship is more about love than lust (not least in the nod to Brief Encounter at the film’s climax), while capturing, through his excellent script and talented cast, the essence of today’s gay scene.

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Whether you're male or female, gay or straight, Weekend is sure to speak to you, and deeply, about aspects of your own life and loves. This intelligent and moving film reminds you that low-budget realism can get into the emotional places that bigger films can't. It's one of the best, and most individual, of the year. JONATHAN ROMNEY, INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY. FILM OF THE WEEK *****

Sexy, provocative, engrossing and occasionally ornery, it should appeal to anyone whose curiosity about someone new has provoked them to question their own identity. BEN WALTERS. TIME OUT. FILM OF THE WEEK ****

Astonishingly self-assured, unassumingly profound. It is one of the most satisfying love stories you are likely to see on screen this year. A.O. SCOTT - NEW YORK TIMES.  Critics Pick

SXSW Film Festival (Audience Award Emerging Visions)
Nashville Film Festival (Grand Jury for Best Film)
BIFAS (Winner for Best Achievement in Production & winner for best newcomer for Tom Cullen)
Evening Standard Film Awards (Winner of Best Screenplay award)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (Winner of Movie Squad aware – Best film voted for by youth Jury)
London International Film Festival (Tom Cullen & Chris New nominated for Best Newcomer)
Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (audience Award Best Film)



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