British Sign Language Supported Screenings

A monthly captioned screening of one of our most popular releases, assisted by a BSL interpreter in our foyer beforehand.

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Captioned Screenings

We show multiple captioned screenings a week, at a variety of different times to suit all schedules.

Captioned screenings offer a service for our deaf and hard of hearing customers that displays additional auditory information on the screen. As well as showing the dialogue, descriptive subtitles provide information on other significant sounds. For example: when something is being sung; when a phone rings; when a door slams. This extra information allows customers using the subtitles to access the film more fully.

These screenings are dependent on the availability of the materials provided to us by the film distribution companies.

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Induction Loops and Enhanced Volume

Both the Box Office and the Café Bar are fitted with an induction loop at their sales point, allowing visitors with hearing aids to get a clearer audio feed of those behind the counter.

We also keep a portable induction loop on site which visitors can request to use through any staff member.

We have induction neck loops that work with our visitors’ hearing aids. These are for use during film screenings to give the user the option of enhanced volume during the film. We also have in-ear headset loops that can be used by visitors without a hearing aid who may benefit from hearing the film at an enhanced volume.

More information on the screening types listed above, and our prices can be found on Screening Types & Ticket Types.