The key design principles for the new building are:

  • The building must provide the quantity and quality of spaces needed by Filmhouse and  Edinburgh International Film Festival to achieve our ambitions and operate sustainably year-round. 
  • In line with our core value of inclusion, all public and work spaces must be fully accessible and welcoming to all. 
  • To support our strategies to address the climate emergency, we’re aiming to ensure that the operation of the building is as close to carbon neutral as it can be.
  • The outdoor landscaping must maximise the potential of the public space, be fully accessible, encourage sustainable transport use and create a welcoming and inspiring environment for all. 

Many thanks to everyone that has given us feedback, we truly appreciate it and be assured we are listening to your concerns. 

Our pre-application consultation process is now finished, we are currently busy pulling together the pre-application consultation report and we are planning to submit our planning application to the Council in September, at which point you’ll be able to comment further on our plans directly to the Council’s Planning Department. 

Please keep checking this section of the website for updates on how our plans are progressing, we will also release information through our mailing lists, on social media and through the press. 

If you have any questions get in touch via

If you are interested in watching recordings of the consultation events that were held 24 and 25 June, please visit: