Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival: Zip & Zap and the Captain's Island (Zipi y Zape y la Isla del Capitán)

Still from Zip & Zap and the Captain's Island

Wed 4 October, 10am •  1h45min, Spanish with English subtitles, £3/free for teachers, advised cert PG, suitable for P6-S3, Modern languages: Spanish

Mischievous twins Zip and Zap have been sent on a business trip with their parents to a remote island. However they get lost en route and end up staying the night with the eccentric Miss Pam in her Victorian mansion for lost children. The next morning, their parents are nowhere to be found. Zip and Zap now have to unveil the island’s mysterious secret and find their mum and dad. Evoking the classic stories of  J.M. Barrie and Jules Verne, the latest chapter in the Zip and Zap saga is equal parts comic book fun and mysterious adventure. TRAILER

Edinburgh International Spanish Festival: 100 Metres (100 Metros)

Still from 100 Metres

Thursday 5 October, 10am •  1h38min, Spanish with English subtitles, £3/free for teachers, advised cert 12A, suitable for S1 upwards, Modern languages: Spanish

An uplifting drama inspired by the amazing true story of Ramon Arroyo, a father of two who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and told that he will never be able to run one hundred metres. Ignoring the warning, and after overcoming a fit of depression, he trains hard to participate in Ironman, one of the most difficult triathlon competitions in the world. However, this does not scare Ramon: he is determined to prove to the world that surrender is never an option! TRAILER


Still from Rara

Wednesday 11 October, 10am •  1h38min, Spanish with English subtitles, FREE, advised cert 12A, suitable for S1 upwards, Modern languages: Spanish

Since their parents’ break up, Sara and her younger sister have lived with their mother and her new female partner. Everyday life for the four of them is the same as it is for other families, but not everyone sees it that way – their father in particular has his doubts. As Sara’s thirteenth birthday approaches, she starts to feel overwhelmed: she experiences her first crush, her body is changing and, to top it all off, she has to choose between her parents. Rara is an affectionate, endearing, and meaningful take on modern family life. TRAILER

A Bag of Marbles (Un sac de billes)

Un Sac de Billes

Wed 1 November, 10am •  1h50min, French with English subtitles, £3/free for teachers, advised certificate PG, suitable for P6-S6

Based on the autobiographical novel A Bag of Marbles by Joseph Joffo, this is the incredible true story of two young Jewish brothers, Maurice and Joseph, who travel alone through Nazi occupied France in order to survive the war.  Aided by the occasional kind soul, the two young boys swerve and dart through obstacles set by Nazi soldiers to avoid succumbing to the dreadful fate of so many others in this situation. An involving and moving story with wonderful performances from its two young stars. TRAILER

The Teacher (Les grands esprits)

Still from The Teacher

Tue 7 November, 10am •  1h46min, French with English subtitles, £3/free for teachers, advised cert 12A, suitable for S3-S6

Francois is a teacher at a middle class Parisian high school who believes that the French system of the most experienced teachers being sent to the best schools is counterproductive. He never believes this theory will be challenged until he is offered the chance to test this by teaching at an inner-city school, with younger teachers and a wider socio-economic student group. A warm-hearted comedy drama with a fantastic performance by Denis Podalydés as the fish-out-of-water teacher who is committed to his vocation. TRAILER


Still from Hordur

Tue 28 November, 10am • 1h20min, £3/free for teachers, advised certificate 12A, Suitable for S1 upwards, German with English subtitles

Aylin, a 17 year-old Muslim girl who is part of the Turkish diaspora in Germany, finds herself sentenced to community service at a riding school on the outskirts of town after a brush with the law. Beset by trouble at home and school, it is here that, despite all the odds, she begins to find her feet and discover a place in the world in which she feels comfortable and accepted. As time progresses, her unique relationship with the stallion Hördur and her own fledgling dreams are tested to breaking point. Can Aylin truly build a bridge between worlds? And if she can, will others follow? TRAILER

Group Discounts

Kids at a screening

We recognise that many teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to bring groups to see films during class time, so to address this we offer 25% off tickets to public screenings at Filmhouse when bringing a group of ten or more pupils.

This discount applies to concession price tickets for pupils and full price tickets for accompanying adults – details of our ticket prices for public screenings can be found here. Tickets should be booked through our box office on 0131 228 2688.

We hope that this discount will allow school groups to attend a range of films at more suitable times. Please note that at public screenings we expect all members of the audience to respect those around them, which includes switching off mobile phones.

Projection Tours

Kids on a projection tour

Come and learn how cinema works, with a tour of our projection box and a screening of short animations from the London International Animation Festival. Tours cost £75 for a class of up to 33 pupils, and are suitable for P4-S2. 
Please note that, although we strive to make Filmhouse as accessible as possible, this tour is of a non-public area of the building which is up two flights of stairs, with no lift.