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There’s been a variety of dates we’ve used in the past to celebrate landmarks in the story of Filmhouse. What exists on this site today is a result of a number of changes over a number of years. Cinema 3 came on line on 2 May 1997, and Cinema 1 on 15 February 1982, and the Café Bar on 2 June 1985.

But you need to go back to 1978 when what is now Cinema 2 began the whole thing, with the cinema first used in earnest for the film festival in August of that year. It wasn’t until October – the 9th to be precise – that the Edinburgh Film Guild launched an entity called Filmhouse, at 88 Lothian Road, and held its first public screenings. And that’s the date, in 2018, that we’re officially declaring our 40th birthday!

To mark our first 40 years, we’ve put together a programme of films, one plucked from the programmes of each of the year since 1978.

Back in 1978 and for many years after, distribution for the kinds of films we show today was a very different affair – Filmhouse often had to wait weeks for the one or two 35mm prints that had been made of the film for this country to reach this ‘northern outpost’, and the ‘new films released nationally on a Friday’ model simply had not been established for the kinds of films we show. This may become apparent the further back we go when the films that represent those years were made much earlier than the years they represent.

We’re starting in reverse, with 2016, one year per week – toward a special selection from the first ever public programme in October 1978 – with all tickets costing the same price as they did when we screened them the first time. As the season runs on, you’ll see, it gets rather cheap!

We’ll also be giving you the option of paying today’s prices, the difference being a donation that’ll go straight back into our charity, putting on great films from around the world and investing in our next 40 years! Thanks for your support.

Rod White,
Head of Filmhouse


Cría cuervos

Carlos Saura


109 mins


Carl Dreyer


116 mins

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant

Rainer Werner Fassbinder


124 mins

Ugetsu Monogatari

Kenji Mizoguchi


94 mins


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