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In honour of the new digital restoration of his classic Some Like It Hot ­ screening here from Friday 2 November ­ we celebrate the genius of Billy Wilder, one of the most brilliant and versatile filmmakers of the Hollywood Golden Age.

Born in 1906 in Sucha, Austria ­ in what is now Poland ­ Wilder fled Nazi Germany to come to Hollywood as a screenwriter, and penned some of the most sophisticated comedy romances of the thirties. He often claimed that he became a director to stop others butchering his scripts, and co-wrote all of his films, most often in tandem with his regular writing partners I. A. L. Diamond and Charles Brackett.

Wilder only directed 25 films in a 40 year long career, but the emphasis was on quality ­ he authored a steady stream of genre-hopping classics, from sophisticated romantic comedies Sabrina and The Apartment to savage media indictment Ace in the Hole and Double Indemnity, the quintessential film noir.

Perhaps best of all, the biting Sunset Boulevard remains arguably the greatest movie ever made about Hollywood, full of endlessly quotable Oscar-winning dialogue and daring narrative leaps, and will surely endure as long as cinema itself

Ace in the Hole

Billy Wilder


111 mins

Double Indemnity

Billy Wilder


107 mins

Irma La Douce

Billy Wilder


144 mins


Billy WIlder


113 mins

Sunset Boulevard

Billy Wilder


111 mins


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