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Curated by Antti Alanen and Ehsan Khoshbakht

Cinema in Finland got off to a flying start with a visit by the Lumière company in 1896. It was not until 1907, however, that the production of feature films began in earnest. The new art form would go on to meet with great success among domestic audiences but for a long time this national cinema remained a local treasure. While decades later the Kaurismäkis put Finland on the map of international film culture, their success did little to stimulate wider interest in some of the earlier Finnish masters and masterworks, which deserve to be known by every cinephile. This programme presents some of the greatest films from the golden age of the studio system in Finland, as well as a foundational work of the Kaurismäki phenomenon (The Worthless, 1982, directed by Mika Kaurismäki), and a wonderful city symphony by the grand master of Finnish (and international) film culture, Peter von Bagh (Helsinki, Forever, 2008).

Finland's Enchanted Cinema

Helsinki, Forever

Peter von Bagh


74 mins

Inspector Palmu's Error

Matti Kassila


109 mins

The Unknown Soldier

Edvin Laine


180 mins

The Way You Wanted Me

Teuvo Tulio


102 mins

The Worthless

Mika Kaurismäki


110 mins

Women of Niskavuori

Valentin Vaala


85 mins


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