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Welcome, to the 9th edition of the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

We are back in the cinema, sitting in seats and sharing wonderful films. Hoorah!

Our programme is ready; eclectic, exciting, exhilarating films guaranteed to please all ages.

We are looking forward to our main showcase featuring the unmissable work of highly acclaimed Spanish female directors like Icíar Bollaín with her powerful, Goya-awarded Maixabel, and Carla Simón with her spellbinding, Golden Bear-winning Alcarrás. We also have Juan Miguel del Castillo with the gripping thriller La Maniobra de la Tortuga and Daniel Guzmán with the riveting comedy Canallas. Of course, following our commitment to emerging Spanish talent, we are pleased and to introduce Javier De Marco’s delicate debut film, Josefina.

For something completely different, especially if you’re into singing and dancing, we have the honour to feature two musicals by Spanish master Carlos Saura: his timeless flamenco-inspired Bodas de sangre, and his latest Mexican-centred El rey de todo el mundo.

In this edition we will pay a special tribute to Bigas Luna with the Iberian Portraits Trilogy, celebrating the 30 years since the premier of Jamón Jamón (his first feature film starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz), La Teta y la Luna and Los Huevos de Oro. This will be followed by a round table discussion featuring ‘Bigas Luna’ specialist Santiago Fouz, looking at this icon’s importance in Spanish cinema as well as the cultural legacy he has left behind.

As ever, a massive thank you to all our sponsors, collaborators, and loyal followers. We hope you enjoy this fantastic selection of films. Us at the ESFF want to give a big shout out to the film industry, which has undergone such upheaval in the last two years.

Finally, thank you for supporting us – and welcome to ESFF2022!!

Gracias/Eskerrik asko/Gràcies/Grazas. 

Marian A. Aréchaga


Carla Simón


120 mins

Blood Wedding (Bodas de Sangre)

Carlos Saura


71 mins

Jamón Jamón

Bigas Luna


95 mins


Javier Marco


90 mins


Icíar Bollaín


115 mins

Monkey Business

Daniel Guzmán


96 mins

The King of all the World

Carlos Saura


95 mins

The Volunteer

Nely Reguera


97 mins

Unfinished Affairs

Juan Miguel del Castillo


101 mins

Zip & Zap and the Captain's Island

Oskar Santos


105 mins


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