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And the winner was...

21 February 2020

As avid readers of this column will know… I forgot to make my Oscar®-winners’ predictions this year. It’s probably just as well, for I would have looked like a fool - there being no likelihood...

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“One instinctively knows when something is right.” 

26 November 2019

Now where on earth does that phrase come from? (Pretending for just one second that the internet doesn’t exist and one can Google™ it and not only find out from whence it came, but also watch the...

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It's almost September, and (thankfully!) the comedians have all gone home...

20 August 2019

Do you remember that ever-so controversial advert from a few years ago where a bunch of tanned Australians told us about all the wonderful things we could experience were we to visit their country,...

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Rod recommends

14 June 2019

Our Head of Programming Rod White selects his top picks and things he's looking forward to at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019. Never Look Away Florian Henckel von Donnersmark’s...

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This projector goes up to 4K...

6 July 2018

There’s a few mentions in this document of the term “4K”, and before you dive in I‘d like to just take a moment to explain what it actually means. I don’t want to insult anyone on the one...

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63 days, 123 films, 642 screenings + 1 international film festival…

4 May 2018

...are, miraculously, all contained within the 56 pages of our latest programme. (Though, admittedly, if you want to know anything about the aforementioned film festival beyond simply its dates,...

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Solved! The Mystery Motors of the Autosafe “SkyPark”…

27 February 2018

Huge thanks to a number of you out there who sent me a link to the BBC News article that finally puts the issue I’ve been bleating on about for months (see Filmhouse December and February monthly...

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FOR SALE. 2001 Ford Fiesta. As new. One careless owner.

23 January 2018

Avid readers of this column will remember a few months back I spoke about the folly that was the Autosafe Car Park – a ‘state-of-the-art’ car park behind our offices that, in theory at least,...

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2001: A Car Parking Odyssey

1 December 2017

As many of you may be aware (though I’m not sure exactly why you would be) there has, for many years, been a building out the back of our offices (across Chuckie Pend aka Morrison Street Lane) half...

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One Man’s Remake; Another Man’s Reimagining…

26 October 2017

When I first heard that Sir Kenny Branagh was remaking Sydney Lumet’s 1973 apogee of the All-Star Cast film vehicle (or, perhaps, as he might prefer, reimagining of the 1934 Agatha Christie novel)...

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Reviewing the Reviewers

6 October 2017

I’m writing this on my way back from the 2017 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, and, whilst it wasn’t perhaps a vintage year, I do return with a head full of many splendid films...

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