Dead By Dawn Passes go on sale Tuesday 5th February

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Fri 1 Feb 2013

Dead by Dawn will screen a spectacular selection of previews at our 20th Annviversary show in April, alongside a programme of some wonderful classic genre films and many beautiful, dark, odd, twisted, hilarious short films!

The full programme will be announced in April and you can get all the festival news by signing up to our mailing list at

At the site, you can also check out the amazing films we've screened in recent years, just to give you a taste (or reminder!) of what you an expect at Dead by Dawn.

All-inclusive Passes go on sale on Tuesday 5th February, priced £75. All screenings take place in Cinema 1.

Individual tickets for all films will go on sale in early April.

Dead by Dawn has it's own evil mini-me in the shape of Spawn of Dawn, which runs in Cinema 2 at Filmhouse from midnight on Saturday 27th April.  It screens five features and up to ten shorts picked from the main festival line-up.  Tickets for this event will also go on sale in early April.

Some of the new films screening at Dead by Dawn this year include...

David Cholewa / France / 2012 / 75 mins
Right from its intergalactic intro, Dead Shadows feels like a bigger movie than it actually is.

Written by Vincent Julé and set in Paris, the movie follows IT tech Chris (Wolfrom) during a nightmarish night as a mysterious comet passes through the sky, inducing city-wide pre-apocalyptic panic, partying and paranoia.  Unfortunately, Chris is a nyctophobe and as the lights go out, all his nightmares come slithering out the shadows.

A spectacular, vibrant mix of horror and sci-fi, aliens and zombie-like creatures, buckets of the red stuff and one particularly memorable warning against one-night stands, Dead Shadows looks fantastic with slickly blended CGI and practical effects.   This movie is just an absolute blast for its entire run!


Joko Anwar / Indonesia / 2012 / 87 mins
Modus Anomali is a true slow-burn, offering up some very dark, twisted moments and requiring your patience and attention.  But you will be rewarded!

Our poor protagonist wakes up in a shallow grave and uncovers evidence of a brutal murder. He doesn't know where or who he is, or why he's been buried in the forest, but all sorts of grisly little clues start to pop up.  Not only will you not see the twists and turns coming, you may not even "get" what happened until you discuss it with other people!

Given how movie-crazy Indonesia is these days, Modus Anomali could have been just another slasher homage or J-horror rip-off but kudos to Anwar for coming up with something a lot more original

Seriously recommended for horror aficionados who actively crave a freaky import that moves slowly, on purpose, Modus Anomali goes to a dark, weird, disturbing place if you're willing to wait for it.

From a review by Scott Weinberg for



Rodrigo Gudino / Canada / 2012 / 82 mins
Leon, an antiques collector, has recently inherited his deceased mother’s house.  Rosalind Leigh was a member of a mysterious cult that worshiped angels, a cult that may have indirectly lead to her death.

Vanessa Redgrave features primarily as a voice-over, sometimes melancholy as her words echo off the walls and religious iconography littering the home and sometimes sinister, suggesting the spirit of a woman trapped in a life that tore her away from her son.

The film, achingly beautiful and genuinely haunting, is full of themes and ideas never fully realized, but they’re not trying to be.  Much like Leon’s attempts at putting together the spiritual puzzle left behind by his mother, the film forces you to put the pieces together yourself, except that each time you do, you get a new picture.  For those who love their horror cerebral and truly original, you can’t do much better than this.

From a review by Brad McHargue for

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