Scotland’s favourite kilted comedian, Craig Hill becomes our 10th House Guest. Starting on Monday, 13th May, when Craig will introduce What’s Up Doc, his wonderfully eclectic selection of films will run until mid-June. 

Craig says –  “I was thrilled when the Filmhouse (which I’ve been going to since 1991 when I was a student in Edinburgh) asked me to indulge myself and come up with my favourite fun films to share and show. It’s so hard to narrow your favourite films down to a shortlist but basically I chose the ones that made me laugh the most or were feel-good I could lose myself in or just pure entertainment! I think my number one favourite film is What’s Up Doc? the 1970’s slapstick comedy with Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal and Madeline Khan giving spot on comedy performances and I can’t wait to introduce it. 

Worth coming all the way back from Australia for!”

Since November 2017, Filmhouse has opened up their screens to selected House Guests to show their favourite titles. Craig becomes the 10th guest to take on the role, with previous editors including Young Fathers, Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin.

We are thrilled to have Craig as our resident House Guest this May! With his selection ranging from the 1970s Californian caper What’s Up Doc? starring Barbra Streisand, to Jodie Foster’s stellar performance as astronomer Ellie Arroway in Contact, it’s an eclectic and exciting mix of comedy classics and modern favourites.

See Craig's full selection here