After hosting the Scottish premiere of his latest film The Story of Looking, we're delighted to announce that we are bringing all of Mark Cousin's films together for the first time on our streaming platform Filmhouse at Home

The ultimate Mark Cousins collection on Filmhouse at Home includes 13 films:

The First Movie (w/d/dp, 81 m, 2009)

The Story of Film: An Odyssey (w/d/dp, 930 m, 2011)

What is this Film Called Love? (w/d/dp, 75 m, 2012) a personal film about Mexico City and Sergei Eisenstein

Here be Dragons (w/d/dp 76 mins, 2013) About Albania 

A Story of Children and Film (w/d/dp, 101 m, 2013)

Life May Be (co-w/co-d/co-dp with Mania Akbari, 80 m, 2014) Cine-letters

6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia (w/d/dp, 83 m, 2014)

I am Belfast (w/d/co-dp, 86 m, 2015) A city film, co-shot by Christopher Doyle 

Atomic (d, 72 mins, 2015) A montage film, with a new score by Mogwai

Stockholm My Love (w/d, co-dp 2016) City musical, with Neneh Cherry

The Eyes of Orson Welles (w/d/dp, 100 mins, 2018)

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (w/d 15 hrs, 2020)

The Story of Looking (w/d/dp, 87 mins, 2021)


Mark Cousins said: “For 36 years, Filmhouse has been my local cinema, my education, my escape and consolation, so I LOVE the idea that it will host my movies on Filmhouse at Home.  I've been a passionate filmmaker for three decades.  Many of my films have been influenced by what I've seen in Filmhouse.  Now, for the first time, many of them are in one place.  I'm humbled, as are my many collaborators - editor, producers, sound designers, composers and graphics artists - in Edinburgh, Scotland and further afield.  Thank you from all of us.”

Rod White, Head of Programming at Filmhouse said: “What a twin pleasure it is to have Mark with us once again in person to discuss his latest film, The Story of Looking, ahead of its national release, AND be instrumental in bringing together all his feature film work to date in the one place - that being our streaming site Filmhouse @ Home - for new audiences to enjoy. We’re especially pleased and proud to be able to support a filmmaker who’s been such a strong supporter of Filmhouse over the years.”

The Story of Looking is supported by the National Lottery via Creative Scotland.