Moon Landing : 50 Year Anniversary   uksa

In the Shadow of the Moon 


Wednesday 25 September at 10:30am •1h40• £3/free for teachers • Suitable P7-S6 • Advisory: Contains mild bad language and some upsetting scenes of failed missions  STEM: Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Maths • Social Studies   Literacy and English 

Come along to Filmhouse and experience the thrill of the space race with this evocative documentary.  The film chronicles the triumphs and disasters of the Apollo space programme between 1968 and 1972, and features astonishing archive footage and interviews with the dozen men who travelled to the Moon, and back again. This is the definitive film of one of Mankind’s great achievements.  Unmissable for any one studying Space or the Space Race.

The screening will be introduced by a speaker from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. 

Watch the trailer here

Take One Action Film Festival

take one action 7 planets

Thursday 19 September at 10.30am • 1h30min • £3/free for teachers • Cert PG • suitable for P5-P7 • Global Citizenship, Social Studies, Literacy & English, Health & Wellbeing (PSE)

A unique, engaging mix of animation, fiction, documentary - and chat!
Join Take One Action for a special, brand new programme of the best short films from around the world, which spotlight issues of gender equality, power, conflict, access to education, food and the environment. With a specific focus on the rights of the child, the event incorporates fun, accessible opportunities for pupils to explore and discuss some of the key issues that affect them and the planet.

Commemorate the Armistice 

Sgt. Stubby: An Unlikely Hero


Tuesday 29 October, 10.30am • 1h30min • £3/free for teachers • PG • Advisory: mild violence, threat • suitable for P4+ • Social Studies, Literacy & English, Health & Wellbeing (PSE) • Global Citizenship 

Commemorate the end of WW1 with this charming animated feature which tells the incredible true story of a stray dog who became a hero of the First World War, and the first canine to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Army!The film is a terrific resource to introduce younger children, in a sensitive way, to the realities of trench warfare and does contain scenes of bombings and a gas attack. However, the dominant themes that emerge are uplifting messages around teamwork, communication, and courage.

Teaching resources available to continue learning in the classroom.
Watch the trailer here



Thursday 31 October at 10.30am • 1h27min • £3/free for teachers • PG • Advisory: contains mild threat, scary scenes and one use of mild bad language • Literacy and English • Expressive Arts

Come celebrate Halloween with us at Filmhouse When a boy's beloved dog Sparky passes away suddenly, he attempts to bring the animal back to life through a powerful science experiment just like Frankenstein’s monster. But before long the resurrected Sparky begins to wreak havoc upon the town and Victor's neighbors. This unique stop-motion animation is both an homage and a parody of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  

Teaching resources available to continue learning back in the classroom.

Watch the trailer here.

French Film Festival 

Yellowbird (Gus, Petit Oiseau Grand Voyage)

Tuesday 5 November at 10:30am • 1h30 • £3/free for teachers • PG • French with English Subtitles • Suitable P5-P7 • Advisory: Contains mild threatModern Languages: French • Literacy •  Social Studies 

Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one.  Then, miraculously, he finds himself leading a flock of migratory birds to Africa.  His inexperience leads to several mis-steps and detours, as they journey across Europe and the North Sea, before heading South.  This beautiful, engaging animation delivers a social message about the need to protect the environment through a delightful adventure.  Join us and this hugely entertaining flock of birds on a tour around the world.

Teaching resources will be available to support the screenings
Watch the trailer here

To discuss your booking, please contact Chloe at, or call 0131 228 6382.

Christmas at Filmhouse! 

Arthur Christmas 

arthur christmas

Wednesday 4 December at 10.30am 1h41min  U  P1-P7  Advisory: Contains very mild bad language and mild comic threat – Literacy, English, Expressive Arts - £3/free for teachers

How can Santa deliver millions of presents around the world in just one night? With an army of elves and an ultra-high-tech facility in the North Pole. However this well-oiled machine is threatened when one child is missed in the operation. Santa’s son, Arthur, comes to the rescue with an unconventional team, an old sleigh and some untrained reindeer. Will he deliver the last present on time? Come along to find out!

Home Alone

home alone

Thursday 5 December at 10.30am 1h43  PG P5-P7  Advisory: Contains moderate slapstick violence and infrequent moderate language  Literacy, English, Expressive Arts £3/free for teachers

8-year-old Keven McAllister feels like he is the black sheep of his huge family – nobody listens to him and no one understands him. To make matters worse, they accidentally leave him behind when they go on holiday to France for the winter holidays. Once he realizes he is home alone, Kevin soon learns to fend for himself, and when two bumbling burglars home target the family he draws up an elaborate defense plan… A classic slapstick Christmas comedy!

Muppet Christmas Carol

muppet xmas

Tuesday 10 December at 10.30am  1h25 U P1-P7 Advisory: Contains mild scary scenes Literacy, English, Expressive Arts £3/free for teachers

The fuzzy felt creatures we know and love are back for their annual Christmas outing! A fun but meaningful adaptation, Scrooge is so miserly he won’t even allow his fuzzy employees an extra piece of coal for the fire at Christmas. His deceased business partners, who appear to him one night and tell him that he must face up to his misdeeds, do not tolerate such meanness. And so he is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Our Edinburgh 
Edinburgh City Film Education Programme - Calling All Edinburgh Teachers! 

our edinburgh

Would you like FREE support to make a short film with your class and then come along to see it on the big screen? 
Our Edinburgh, which is open to all primary, secondary and special schools across the City of Edinburgh is now accepting applications.

This is a unique opportunity for schools and pupils to creatively portray their city through their eyes, using the medium of film.  

The offer includes:

  • Bespoke, integrated project that fits around the theme of social justice
  • A film education tutor who will support staff and pupils to collectively produce a film 
  • Support for teaching staff to lead on the course, with lesson plans and curriculum linked worksheets to encourage confidence in delivery
  • Advanced career-long professional learning 

No film education experience is necessary and the programme is open to all subjects/disciplines.

Return completed application form (attached) to  Laura Findlay – by 5pm on Friday 27th September 2019  

Full details and the application form can be found here


Teacher CLPL 

intofilm clpl

Careers in Film Training with IntoFilm

Wednesday 22 January 16:30-18:30 • £15 • Suitable for all teachers, especially Literacy & English, Media, Arts and Technologies • Filmhouse Guild Rooms

Aimed at upper primary and lower secondary educators, this engaging CLPL session gives attendees the chance to learn about roles in the film industry for their young people. Focused on four curricular areas (maths, PSHE, English and art & design), we have developed a subject-based approach to film industry careers education. Through dynamic classroom activities, this session will enable teachers to further develop the skill set of their young people and to link their skills to interesting film industry job roles. Interlaced with film clips, this fun session will give you a creative approach to engage pupils in an industry that forms a booming part of the UK economy, and help you to broaden your pupils' outlook and aspirations for the future. This course will provide you with a fully developed PowerPoint presentation and bespoke printable resources for your classroom.

For more information and to book your place please click here.

If you require an invoice for this session, please email


Group Discounts

Primary screening at Filmhouse

We recognise that many teachers are finding it increasingly difficult  to bring groups to see films during class time, so to address this we offer 25% off tickets to public screenings at Filmhouse when bringing a group of ten or more pupils.

This discount applies to concession price tickets for pupils and full  price tickets for accompanying adults – details of our ticket prices for public screenings can be found here. Tickets should be booked through our box office on 0131 228 2688.

We hope that this discount will allow school groups to attend a range of  films at more suitable times. Please note that at public screenings we  expect all members of the audience to respect those around them, which  includes switching off mobile phones.

Projection Tours

Kids looking at film during a projection tour

Come and learn how cinema works, with a tour of our projection box and a  screening of short animations from the London International Animation Festival. Tours cost £90 for a class of up to 33 pupils, and are  suitable for P4-S2.

Please note that, although we strive to make Filmhouse as accessible as  possible, this tour is of a non-public area of the building which is up  two flights of stairs, with no lift.