Filmosophy is a long-running season at Filmhouse of original and thought-provoking films and discussions. Each film is presented by a short introduction and followed by an accessible and informal post-screening discussion. Screenings are introduced and post-screening discussions hosted by James Mooney, Short Courses lecturer and course organiser at The University of Edinburgh. No previous knowledge of philosophy is required.

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Edinburgh City Film Education Programme - Calling All Edinburgh Teachers!

edin film education

Would you like FREE support to make a short film with your class and then come along to see it on the big screen? 
Our Edinburgh, which is open to all primary, secondary and special schools across the City of Edinburgh is now accepting applications.

This is a unique opportunity for schools and pupils to creatively portray their city through their eyes, using the medium of film.  

The offer includes:

  • Bespoke, integrated project that fits around the theme of social justice
  • A film education tutor who will support staff and pupils to collectively produce a film 
  • Support for teaching staff to lead on the course, with lesson plans and curriculum linked worksheets to encourage confidence in delivery
  • Advanced career-long professional learning 

No film education experience is necessary and the programme is open to all subjects/disciplines.

Return completed application form (attached) to  Laura Findlay – by 5pm on Friday 27th September 2019  

Full details can be found in the Programme application form here

Teacher CLPL 

intofilm clpl

Wellbeing: Staying Safe Online with IntoFilm

Wednesday 11 September 16:30-18:30 • £15 • Suitable for all teachers, especially Literacy & English, Arts and Technologies • Meadows Room, Codebase 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 9DZ

Did you know that almost one in four 4-11 year-olds and three in four 12-15 year-olds has a social media profile? Created in association with Childnet International, our Wellbeing: Staying Safe Online training will introduce you to the importance of cyber-safety for an online generation. You will take part in a range of active film watching tasks which can be used to support discussion on themes, issues and questions about ways to stay safe online.This vital topic will be explored through short and feature film texts, analysing appropriate behaviours and actions of characters, as well as investigating real life contexts such as questioning what information we choose to share online versus in the real world.The session is a part of Into Film's Wellbeing Training, which also includes Mindfulness on Film and Anti-Bullying.

For more information and to book your place please click here.

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Careers in Film Training with IntoFilm

Wednesday 22 January 16:30-18:30 • £15 • Suitable for all teachers, especially Literacy & English, Media, Arts and Technologies • Filmhouse Guild Rooms

Aimed at upper primary and lower secondary educators, this engaging CLPL session gives attendees the chance to learn about roles in the film industry for their young people. Focused on four curricular areas (maths, PSHE, English and art & design), we have developed a subject-based approach to film industry careers education. Through dynamic classroom activities, this session will enable teachers to further develop the skill set of their young people and to link their skills to interesting film industry job roles. Interlaced with film clips, this fun session will give you a creative approach to engage pupils in an industry that forms a booming part of the UK economy, and help you to broaden your pupils' outlook and aspirations for the future. This course will provide you with a fully developed PowerPoint presentation and bespoke printable resources for your classroom.

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