Our popular Media Day returns in person!

Wed 12th October at 10am - 3:30 pm 

Suitable for S5-S6

Don’t worry if you missed the film festival, this special study day offers students an insight into the film industry. Perfect for senior phase, sessions will include a film screening with a film maker Q&A, a career panel anda key note speaker. Tickets for the full day cost £5. 




The Golden Dream


With thanks to our partners at the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

⭐️ La Jaula De Oro (The Golden Dream) 

Thurs 3rd November •10.30am • 12A •  S2 - S6 • £3 per student/free for teachers • Spanish with English subtitles • Advisory: moderate violence, sexual threat, strong language, natural nudity, death of a central character • Modern Languages: Spanish, Modern Studies, Geography, Social Justice, Global Citizenship 

This award winning and engaging drama tells the tragic tale of a group of teenagers who flee Guatemala through Mexico in pursuit of the American Dream, and of the many challenges they face getting to America. 

Watch the trailer here!





With thanks to our partners French Film Festival UK and, for their generous support, to the Franco-Scottish Society of Scotland and also the Edinburgh Branch of the Franco-Scottish Society 

⭐️ Gagarine 

Weds 9th November •10.30am • 12A •  S2 - S6 • £3 per student/free for teachers • French with English Subtitles • Advisory: infrequent strong language, drug misuse • Modern Languages: French, Modern Studies, Social Justice. 

Gagarine is a powerful story of class, race, imagination and wonder. Teenager Youri dreams of becoming an astronaut but first, with the help of his friends, he must try to save his housing development project home. 

Watch the trailer here!

⭐️ King 

Tues 8th November •10.30am • PG • P5-S1 • £3 per student/free for teachers • French with English subtitles • Advisory: moderate threat • Modern Languages: French, Geography, Global Citizenship  

What would you do if a lion cub appeared in your room? Siblings Inés and Alex, have to face this dilemma when they find King, a trafficked cub who escapes from an airport and finds refuge in their home.  

Watch the trailer here!

⭐️ Allons Enfants (Rookies

Thurs 10th November •10.30am • 15 •  S4 - S6 • £3 per student/free for teachers • French with English subtitles • Advisory: infrequent strong language, drug and sex references • Modern Languages: French, Social Justice, Modern Studies, P.E. Dance 

This amazing documentary is set in a prestigious Paris high school as it tries to integrate students from working class districts and improve their life chances – through the power of hip hop and street dance. 

Watch the trailer here!





With thanks to our partners at the Goethe Institute

⭐️ Sputnik (2013)
Tues 22nd November •10.30am • PG • P5-S2 • FREE • German with English subtitles • Advisory: Mild threat • Modern Languages: German, Modern Studies, History, Science 

November 9, 1989, the day the Berlin Wall came down. A 10-year-old girl and her friends attempt to use their teleportation device to beam her uncle back to East Germany but instead, as they witness on TV, end up beaming everyone in their town into West Germany! 

Watch the trailer here!





With thanks to our partners The Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh

⭐️ Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Thurs 24th November •10.30am • 12A • S1-S6 • FREE • English, Mandarin with English subtitles • Advisory: moderate violence, fantasy threat, bloody images, bad language • Modern Languages: Mandarin, Global Citizenship 

Join Shang-Chi, the master of weaponry-based Kung Fu played by Simu Liu, as he is forced to confront his past after being drawn into the deadly Ten Rings organization. 

Watch the trailer here!




We are delighted to host the Into Film Festival this year, with three screenings in November, all of which are FREE to attend! 

Bookings for this will open on 9th September, for more information or to book tickets head to the Into Film Festival Website Here!

For any enquiries email cinemabookings@intofilm.org

⭐️ Benediction 

Tues 15th November •10.30am • 12A • S1-S6 • FREE • Advisory: images of real dead bodies, moderate sex references, injury detail • History, Modern Studies, Social Justice. 

A powerful historical biographical drama of legendary 20th Century war poet Siegfried Sassoon's life. A complex poet, he survived the horrors of WWI and went on to become a vocal critic of the government's continuation of the war when he returned from service.

Watch the trailer here!



love, simon

We have partnered with Time for Inclusive Education to use film to develop pupils’ understanding of prejudice, discrimination and the experience of LGBT people in the past and present. These screenings are FREE to attend! 


Tue 13th December •10.30am • 1h 32 mins • FREE •12A • Advisory: moderate sex references, infrequent strong language • Suitable S1-S6 • English, Literacy, Social Justice, LGBT Inclusive Education 

This film made history as the first major Hollywood studio film about a gay teenage romance. Love, Simon is a classic rom-com with a fresh perspective and is a landmark in LGBTQ+ representation in cinema.  

Watch the trailer here!


Celebrate Christmas at Filmhouse with our exciting line-up of classic Christmas films!

Tickets for all of these films are £3 with accompanying teachers/adults attending for FREE

Tue 6 December •10.30am 1h40mins • U • Contains very mild language and mild comic threat • Suitable for all


Wed 14 December •10.30am 1h29mins • U • Contains mild scary scenes • Suitable for all 


⭐️THE GRINCH (2018)  
Thu 15 December •10.30am 1h32mins • U • mild slapstick, very mild bad language • Suitable for all 



Our Covid risk assessment is available on request- and is regularly updated to follow the latest guidance from the Scottish Government and the City of Edinburgh Council.  Our current capacity is reduced to ensure physical distance between school classes or groups is maintained.


For more information on any of these screenings and events, please contact education@cmi-scotland.co.uk

When making a booking please include: 
· Film Title/ Event name 
· Date of event 
· Name of school 
· Lead teacher email and mobile number 
· Number of students and any additional support needs we should know about 
· Number of adults 

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