2019 at Filmhouse

We have something for everyone, with screenings to mark Holocaust Memorial Day and LGBT History Month, and special film events to celebrate Scots language & culture and learning through STEM.


Inside Hana’s Suitcase : Holocaust Memorial Day


Tuesday 15 January, 10:30am 

1hr 28 mins  •  £3/free for teachers • English, Czech and Japanese with some English subtitles •  suitable for P6-S3 • Social Studies: History, RMPS

Based on the internationally acclaimed book, this film blends documentary and drama to tell the poignant story of two children, Hana and George Brady, who were singled out as Jews and sent away from home by the Nazis.  Seventy years later a class of Japanese children receive a package from the Holocaust museum in Germany.  It contains what appears to be Hana’s suitcase, and the children and their teacher begin to unravel Hana’s story.  A moving film which deals with a difficult subject with sensitivity, and explores the wider theme of tolerance.

Watch the trailer here


1945 :  Holocaust Memorial Day


Wednesday 16 January, 10:30am 

1hr 31 mins  •  £3/free for teachers • Hungarian with English subtitles •  12a   suitable for S5-S6 • Social Studies: History, RMPS, English : Literacy, Media • Advisory: infrequent strong language, moderate sex, suicide (suggested by dangling feet)

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, and just before the start of Communist rule, 1945 tells the story of one day in the lives of a group of Hungarian villagers.  As the locals prepare for a wedding, two mysterious strangers arrive at the railway station. Their arrival sends shockwaves through the village, as the townspeople fear the two men are Jews, who have returned to claim back what is rightfully theirs.  Shot in exquisite black and white, the film exploits the style of the Western to paint a subtle cinematic portrayal of life post WWII, and raises interesting questions about guilt, grief, reckoning and redemption.

Watch the trailer here

Both screenings are supported by resources to continue the learning back in the classroom.


Mary Queen of Scots : Scots Language & Culture, Social Subjects: History


Thursday 24 January, 10:30am 

2h04min • £3/free for adults  • 15 • suitable for S5-S6 • Advisory: strong violence, sex, sexual violence • Literacy: English, Social Studies: History, Scots language and culture 

Come along to see  Scottish History adapted to the big screen in this new release. Made a widow at 18, Mary Stewart (Saoirse Ronan) defies expectations and returns to her native Scotland. As she attempts to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England (Margot Robbie), she finds herself condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution. 

Watch the trailer here


Science Fair : STEM subjects 

science fair

Tuesday 29 January, 10:15am 

1hr 30 mins •  £3/free for teachers • English (with some Portuguese and German with English subtitles) •  PG • Suitable for P6-S6 • Science, Technologies, Maths, STEM, Careers Advice  

This entertaining and affectionate documentary follows an inspiring group of high school students from around the world as they compete for the top prize at the 2017 edition of the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF), known as “the Olympics of Science Fairs”.  Come along for and be inspired by their creativity, ingenuity and tenaciousness and find out how your students could compete at the next IISEF through participating in the British rounds of the Big Bang Science Fair.

The film will be preceded by a short talk from Wendy Findlay from Engineering UK & Big Bang Science Fair

Watch the trailer here.

Battle of the Sexes : LGBT History Month with Into Film 

Wednesday 20 February at 10:00am

2h01min •  12A • Suitable for S1-S6  • Advisory: infrequent moderate sex • Free • Health & Wellbeing: MESP and Physical Education, Social Studies: History, Citizenship, Media 

When 1970s retired tennis champion-turned-sports celebrity Bobby Riggs challenged any female tennis player to beat him, it was left to the world number one Billie Jean King to take it up. This is a witty dramatization of the events that led up to the notorious match which attracted over 40 million viewers, and remains the most watched televised tennis match of all time. Focusing on King’s motivations, the film depicts her ongoing fight for equal pay for female players, as well as her personal struggle to keep her sexuality out of the limelight. ‘Battle of the Sexes’ is a stirring sports drama that cleverly explores gender and sexual politics in the context of 1970s American conservatism.

Watch the trailer here

Bookings can be made directly with Into Film here

The Miseducation of Cameron Post : LGBT History Month with Into Film 

cameron post

Wed 27 February at 10:00am 

1h31min • Cert 15 • Suitable for S5-S6 • Advisory:  strong language, sex, drug misuse • Free • Literacy: English, Health & Wellbeing: MESP; RMPS, Citizenship 

It’s 1993 and teenager Cameron (Chloë Grace Moretz) is caught having sex with another girl on prom night.  She is shipped off to God's Promise, a middle-of-nowhere treatment centre, where she is subjected to dubious 'gay conversion therapies’.  During her time at the camp, Cameron meets others like her, forming friendships and starting to learn more about herself and her sexuality. However, there is a dark side to the camp, with Cameron struggling to understand her supposed need to be “fixed”. Satirical yet empathetic to its teenage characters, this sensitive film – adapted from a 2012 novel of the same name – sparks conversations about the oppression of LGBT people, with a much-welcomed young lesbian character at its centre.

Watch the trailer here

Bookings can be made directly with Into Film here


Ma Vie de Courgette (My Life as a Courgette) : Modern Foreign Languages: French


Thursday 21 February at 10:30am 

1h06min •  £3/free for teachers • French with English subtitles • PG •Advisory: mild sex references, references to traumatic childhood experiences • Suitable for P5-S6 •   Modern Languages: French, Health & Wellbeing: MESP

A charming French animation about a young boy called Courgette who is sent to live in a children's home following the death of his mother. Learning to fit in with the other children – each of whom carry scars of their own difficult pasts – the film is a gentle exploration of the thoughts and feelings a young person might have when going through a difficult period. Full of humour, the challenging issues and behaviours of each child is dealt with sensitively and from the perspective of Courgette as he gets to know them. The bright, colourful animation and affecting story make this a perceptive and uplifting film about friendship and child welfare.

Watch the trailer heretv5

Wonder : World Book Day


Thursday 7 March at 10:30am  

1h53mins •  £3/free for teachers • PG • Suitable P5-S4 • Advisory: mild bad language, violence, scenes of emotional upset • Literacy: English, Health & Wellbeing: MESP. Media 

Based on R.J. Palacio's best-selling book, Wonder is the stirring and heart-warming story of August 'Auggie' Pullman, a young boy born with facial differences that have stopped him from being able to go to mainstream school - until now. Over the course of a remarkable year, he and his new school peers learn about compassion, empathy and understanding, with Auggie becoming an unlikely hero. The film deals with its subject matter sensitively and intelligently. Telling its story from multiple points of view, it demonstrates the importance of learning to see the world through other people’s eyes and to always strive to choose kindness.

Watch the trailer here.

CLPL dates for your diaries


Edinburgh & Lothians Schools Film Competition 2019 – Teacher Information Sessions

ELSFC winners 2017

Fri 7 December, 2pm-3.30pm OR Thu 31 January 4.30pm-6pm• 90 min, FREE  Filmhouse Guild Rooms

Do you have a class of film fans?  This long running competition is an exciting opportunity to showcase your pupils’ talents and inspire a new generation of filmmakers.  All successful films are screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2019 and there are special awards up for grabs!

The competition is open to all Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council nursery, primary, secondary and special schools. It is FREE to enter and no experience is necessary. To find out more, come along to our Teacher Information Sessions, where you can meet the team, including members of the Youth Jury and teachers who have been successful at previous competitions.

To book your place contact dina@screen-ed.org

You can find out more at https://screen-ed.org/edinburgh-schools-film-competition

Edinburgh & Lothians Schools Film Competition is a partnership between Screen Education Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh Council, Arts & Creative Learning, Communities & Families, Centre for the Moving Image and Edinburgh International Film Festival


Into Film Curricular Filmmaking Workshop

Friday 18 January, 2pm- 4pm • Filmhouse Guild Rooms • £15, suitable for all teachers, especially Literacy & English, Expressive Arts and Technologies

This practical session will help you use filmmaking to improve curricular learning, assessment and attainment. Step-by-step guidance will be provided on how to use a range of techniques and equipment, along with advice on how to adapt these to suit your classroom environment, specific learners' needs and assessment objectives.

For more information and to book your place please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/curricular-filmmaking-tickets-52087320578.  If you have any questions, please email Edinburgh@intofilm.org.


Teacher Advisory Group Meetings

Tuesday 22 January, 4.30pm-6pm OR Friday 1 February, 2pm-3.30pm • 90 min, FREE • Filmhouse Guild Rooms

Become a member of our Teacher Advisory Group (TAG). We meet regularly to discuss ideas and shape what we offer to local schools and teachers. From CLPL sessions to film-making workshops or bespoke screenings linked to your next topic we want your input in shaping our programme for 2019 and beyond. Come along for coffee, cake, chat and even some comp tickets!  To book your place, please contact Chloe Berger at education@cmi-scotland.co.uk


For more information or to make bookings please call us on 0131 228 6382 or email us at education@cmi-scotland.co.uk


Group Discounts

Kids at a screening

We recognise that many teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to bring groups to see films during class time, so to address this we offer 25% off tickets to public screenings at Filmhouse when bringing a group of ten or more pupils.

This discount applies to concession price tickets for pupils and full price tickets for accompanying adults – details of our ticket prices for public screenings can be found here. Tickets should be booked through our box office on 0131 228 2688.

We hope that this discount will allow school groups to attend a range of films at more suitable times. Please note that at public screenings we expect all members of the audience to respect those around them, which includes switching off mobile phones.


Projection Tours

Kids on a projection tour

Come and learn how cinema works, with a tour of our projection box and a screening of short animations from the London International Animation Festival. Tours cost £90 for a class of up to 33 pupils, and are suitable for P4-S2. 
Please note that, although we strive to make Filmhouse as accessible as possible, this tour is of a non-public area of the building which is up two flights of stairs, with no lift.