Animation Mega Mash-Up (11-14 years)

Tuesday 16 October | 10.30am to 3.30pm | £30Animation Mega Mash-UpJoin Animation Jam for a day of cartoon and creature craziness! Make your own 2D cartoon in the morning and then turn your characters into 3D with plasticine in the afternoon. Mash up your story ideas with the other animators and watch all your films online any time you want.


Animated Inventions (8-12 years)

Thursday 18 October | 10.30am to 12.45pm | £17.50Animated InventionsLearn how to animate while coming up with inventions to save the world (or at least make giant chocolate bars out of nothing but mud!) You’ll create a 3D creature that can work your amazing 2D machine. Will it work well or go hilariously wrong??!!  See all your films online.


Animated Monster Mayhem (8-12 years)

Thursday 18 October | 1.45pm to 4pm | £17.50Animated Monster MayhemThe world is in trouble, and super powered monsters are taking over. You can create your own terrible beast with its own super power out of lovely squashy plasticine. Bring them to life with animation and see your films online.


Did you attend our Easter Animation workshops? All the films are available to watch online and download here.

3D in 2D Animation